The Best Baby Carriers

The Lillebaby Complete impressed me from the start. Not only is it beautiful and soft, it's an extremely comfortable carrier. The straps are nicely padded and the waistband is supportive. There is a generously-sized lumbar pad in the back which I loved (but don't worry, it can be removed if giant lumbar pads aren't your style). With that pad in place and the waistband tightened around my hips, there was no spot at which I felt the waist strap digging in. There is also a little pad that protects

Does Your Kid Hate Watches? Try These Tracking Devices

My son joined a Little League baseball team this year. While he loves the sport, our 3-year-old daughter is the one who seems to have found her tribe. While their brothers practice, a flock of little sisters climb bleachers, play tag, and share snacks brought from home. It's super cute, but a little nerve-wracking. They never stay in one place and routinely wander out of sight, prompting my husband or I to walk/jog away from the game to guide our daughter back into view. If only there were some

4moms Moxi Stroller

While a trusty, lightweight umbrella stroller may be sufficient for some, it's no surprise the market is evolving to keep up with moms and dads who expect more bells and whistles, particularly in the tech department. The Moxi, 4moms's latest model, lacks the power-folding functionality of its Origami stroller, but it's less expensive and packs some interesting tricks in its $699.99 frame. It's also five pounds lighter, has a built-in bassinet, and is compatible with a wide range of car seats. On

Hands On: Tracking My Kids' Sleep With HugOne

There are few things a parent obsesses over more than sleep. How do I get my child to sleep easier? How long should she nap? Should she be waking up this much at night? Will I ever sleep in again? It makes sense. If your family isn't getting quality sleep, your kids are irritable, and you can't be productive. How the heck is a sleep-deprived mom supposed to keep her cool when junior insists on another glass of water instead of going to bed? No sleep = no peace.

6 Doctor-Approved Tips to Help Avoid Colds & Flu This Season

It’s that time of year when the kids return from school with more than just homework and art projects in tow – they often bring germs home, too. And while we can’t keep ourselves or our kids from coming into contact with germs (which would ultimately be an unhealthy goal) we can take steps to reduce the likelihood that we’ll actually get sick. Notable New York City-based physician Dr. Keri Peterson explains how:
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How to Protect Your Child From Identity Theft

Last month, around 100,000 tax accounts were compromised after hackers got into the IRS website. The IRS is providing free credit monitoring services to everyone affected, but what can we do to protect ourselves and our families in the future? Have you done anything to safeguard your child against identity theft? If hackers can get to the federal government, they can get to you. They can get to your kids. As a mom, you may feel like your head is on a swivel, but you can’t see everything. REL
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Pregnancy glow or pregnancy gloom?

Her birth would coincide almost exactly with the release of my book, so this new little one would put a bit of a damper on the media appearances my publisher had planned. I knew that my opportunities to write would be few and far between with a toddler and a newborn swallowing up any excess time and energy. I mourned my freedom. I mourned my career. I mourned the loss of the skinny body I had obtained since my first was born. I began to fear we had made a mistake. And the guilt I felt on the he
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Let Your Baby Eat Dirt

Spring has officially arrived, and here in the Midwest, everyone is out enjoying these first days of sunshine. My toddler points at the door all morning, begging to go play outside. Now that she’s experienced the grass between her chubby little toes, she can’t get enough. We were chatting across the fence with a neighbor when I noticed our little one had wandered over to our garden, which of course right now is nothing more than a dirt patch. She was squishing the black soil between her fingers

Why Your Baby’s Due Date Is Probably Way Off

My first child arrived eight days before his due date. I was so proud to have a son who was so clearly an overachiever from the start. During my second pregnancy, the ultrasound indicated that my baby was a little large and possibly a few weeks further along than we'd initially calculated. Between this news and my first baby being early, I was positive that my second pregnancy would be shorter than 40 weeks. RELATED: The Best Thing About Being Overdue With Baby No. 3 But when I met with my mid

6 Things I Swore I’d Never Do When I Had Kids

Pre-children, we all swear there are just some things we'll never let our kids do. Then come the kids. And the reality check. Here are just six things I promised I'd never do, that I totally did: 1. "I'll never let my kids sleep in my bed! They belong in their own beds, in their own rooms." After my first child was born, all I wanted to do was snuggle with him all day long. I decided that I wanted to try co-sleeping with him, but we kept waking each other up so he got his own bed, and eventual
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Desk Set: Kids’ Play Takes a Seat

If I ask you what comes to mind when I say the words, “elementary school,” your mind will likely flood with images of children seated at desks, teachers with chalk in hand, and giant-lined note paper filled with uneven, scribbly letters. That is an accurate representation of school life for most American children, with many hours of the day spent indoors doing seat work. The great majority of learning is done through some form of technology or another, if we use the word “technology” in a broad
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5 Common Mistakes Parents Make Disciplining Their Kids

These days, many parents are shifting away from the grab-the-belt practice so familiar to our parents and grandparents, and instead toward a more gentle approach. But that doesn't mean that finding an effective means of discipline is easy. So moms and dads often find themselves resorting to methods that, while more tender than spanking, are not really peaceful — or even helpful. To discipline effectively and healthily, parents need to understand the roots of bad behavior, says child psychologis

Check out Tommy Hilfiger's clothing line for kids with disabilities.

Tommy Hilfiger just made news by announcing a new line of adaptive kids’ clothing for the spring. “What the heck is adaptive clothing?” you might be asking. Precisely. The term sounds foreign because no large companies have sold that type of clothing ... until now. People with disabilities don’t fit into clothing the same way able-bodied people do. They can’t button and zip the same way. They can’t wiggle into (or out of) clothing like others can.
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