Tackling My Motion Sickness With Reliefband

Some of my earliest memories involve being in the back of a car, trying not to throw up. Motion sickness has been a lifelong companion, and to this day I've been known to get queasy on winding country roads—even when I'm driving. So when I had to fly from my Missouri home to Texas recently, I was excited to try out the Reliefband during the flight. Reliefband is a wristband that reduces nausea—especially related to motion sickness, VR gaming, and morning sickness—by emitting pulses that stimul...

Hands On: Tracking My Kids' Sleep With HugOne

There are few things a parent obsesses over more than sleep. How do I get my child to sleep easier? How long should she nap? Should she be waking up this much at night? Will I ever sleep in again? It makes sense. If your family isn't getting quality sleep, your kids are irritable, and you can't be productive. How the heck is a sleep-deprived mom supposed to keep her cool when junior insists on another glass of water instead of going to bed? No sleep = no peace.

6 Doctor-Approved Tips to Help Avoid Colds & Flu This Season

It’s that time of year when the kids return from school with more than just homework and art projects in tow – they often bring germs home, too. And while we can’t keep ourselves or our kids from coming into contact with germs (which would ultimately be an unhealthy goal) we can take steps to reduce the likelihood that we’ll actually get sick. Notable New York City-based physician Dr. Keri Peterson explains how:

On Disability and Accepting Help

I'll never forget the glare I received from an elderly man when I stepped out of my car into the grocery-store parking lot one frigid January afternoon. Yes, I parked in the handicap spot, as my placard permitted, and yes, my legs work just fine. Better than fine, actually. It's the cold. Missouri winters aren't kind to my underdeveloped hands and arms. I have poor circulation. A short walk can become quite painful, especially if I'm trying to carry a bag or a jug of milk or push an unwieldy car

New Autism Dispute: Is Circumcision a Factor?

In the U.S., slightly more than half of boys are circumcised at birth, a much higher percentage than in other industrialized nations. Proponents of circumcision cite lessened risks of sexual disease transmission and penile cancer as well as easier hygiene as the benefits of the practice. But the number of anti-circumcision activists (or “intactivists,” as they’re known) is growing, and their reasons for leaving baby boys uncircumcised range from human rights to sexual pleasure to another hotly-d

5 Scary Chemicals That Are Still On The Market

Chemicals get a bad rap, but they're not all evil. Many are natural and essential for your survival (ever heard of H2O?) and others are synthetic—but that's not really what's most important when it comes it your well-being. Some man-made chemicals, for example, keep your clothes clean, lower your risk of cavities, and treat a throbbing headache (or worse). That said, there are other compounds that appear to be downright toxic, especially if you're exposed to them in large enough quantities. Whi

Trying to Conceive? 7 High-Tech Fertility Monitors to Try

If you're trying to conceive, these are some of the most interesting fertility monitors available now. For at least the length of recorded history, humans have been attempting to plan and prevent pregnancy. From the practice of drinking lead in hopes of preventing pregnancy in ancient China, to dumping water on women to boost fertility in Hungary, there's always some wives' tale circulating about how women can harness their reproductive cycle. Lucky for us, this age of technology has ushered i

How the Bellabeat Leaf Urban Can Help You Manage Stress

As a work-from-home, home-schooling mom of two preparing to move to a new house, life has been just a tad stressful of late. Okay, super stressful. It's mostly the good kind of stress, but my nerves are still shot. Did I get today's lesson planned? When is our next house showing? Was that a deadline I just heard whooshing by? The answer to all of these questions is: I have no idea. In the midst of all this, I tested Bellabeat's new Leaf Urban wearable, which has coincidentally added a stress-pr

6 Things A Pathologist Knows About Your Health From An Autopsy

What will your loved ones remember about you after you're gone? While you surely hope that friends and family think of you fondly and forget any missteps you might have made, there's one person who has the ability to uncover some aspects of your life that you might have preferred to keep hidden: the pathologist who does your autopsy. "What has happened to us and what we have done is written in the very fabric of ourselves," says Jody Hooper, MD, chairman of the College of American Pathologists

8 Foods That Prove You Can Eat Healthy On a Budget

Whether you’re grocery shopping for one or trying to feed a large family, the bills can really add up—especially if you’re trying to make healthy choices. Wild salmon and organic produce aren’t cheap! But there are plenty of good-for-you items that offer a big nutritional bang for your buck. Here are 8 expert picks to add to your cart today. Related: The Anarchy Workout From Men’s Health: One Guy Lost 18 Pounds Of Pure Fat In Just 6 Weeks!

This Is What It's Like When Your Husband Has Parkinson's

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Pregnancy glow or pregnancy gloom?

Her birth would coincide almost exactly with the release of my book, so this new little one would put a bit of a damper on the media appearances my publisher had planned. I knew that my opportunities to write would be few and far between with a toddler and a newborn swallowing up any excess time and energy. I mourned my freedom. I mourned my career. I mourned the loss of the skinny body I had obtained since my first was born. I began to fear we had made a mistake. And the guilt I felt on the he

Let Your Baby Eat Dirt

Spring has officially arrived, and here in the Midwest, everyone is out enjoying these first days of sunshine. My toddler points at the door all morning, begging to go play outside. Now that she’s experienced the grass between her chubby little toes, she can’t get enough. We were chatting across the fence with a neighbor when I noticed our little one had wandered over to our garden, which of course right now is nothing more than a dirt patch. She was squishing the black soil between her fingers

Why Your Baby’s Due Date Is Probably Way Off

My first child arrived eight days before his due date. I was so proud to have a son who was so clearly an overachiever from the start. During my second pregnancy, the ultrasound indicated that my baby was a little large and possibly a few weeks further along than we'd initially calculated. Between this news and my first baby being early, I was positive that my second pregnancy would be shorter than 40 weeks. RELATED: The Best Thing About Being Overdue With Baby No. 3 But when I met with my mid